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Who we are? The is a Hungary based cultural project. Our mission is to build a bridge between the Israeli, American and the European heeb culture through the common language of music and other aspects of arts. Culture is for everyone! You can listen to six different Jewish music channels for FREE!

Traditional religious music – True chassid energy. Check how religious Jewish music sounds like!
Israeli pop music – All the fresh Israeli TOP musics can be listened here!
Klezmer music – Sounds of a vanishing world can show it’s strenght. Listen to it!
Jewish musicians – The tribe’s voices from all around the pop world!
Israeli trance music – Goatrance from the Holy Land!
  Jewish classical music – Once it has started, created history and never will disappear.

For listening you might need Winamp Player  

You can enjoy true jewish music for FREE with clicking on the headphone icons! If you like our site, help spread word around! Greater our audience, greater would be the effect and our motivation, and we can dedicate more time to get awesome resources!

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How You can get a banner with Free radio channel?

Our new 120×240 banner includes a music player, so you can easily have music directly on your website! Right now it includes links to Hungarian articles, soon you can have banner without these texts!

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This is a .php banner so you have to put this code into your website:

<!–Begin JewBox Headlines Ticker Code–>
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