Traditional innovation – Yiddish-Italian fusion

Gozsdu Court is a great spot in Budapest’s historical Jewish heritage, between Király street and Dob street, which could be the synonymes of the secular Jewish culture and the ortodox. Between these opened a new restaurant, with it’s brand new style and fresh atmosphere in both tradition and culinarity. It is called Yiddishe Mamma Mia.

Here you can taste Hungary’s star-chef Ferenc Salai’s innovative cuisine, in wich Hungarian Yiddish and Italian tastes fall in love in each other. It is not Kosher, but something special! It is simply great and very cheap with it’s 3 Euro daily menu which offers the special tastes of the house’s specialities and of corse Hungarian classics.

The „old” Gozsdu Court is a place for shoping, entertainment and pampering with coffees, restaurtants, gallerys, exclusive shops and the Holmes Place fitness center, and one of it’s best spot is the Yiddishe Mamma Mia! 

Clean, beautiful and familiar. Come and try it!


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